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About Pharmaceutical Calculations

This textbook has been developed specifically for pharmacy technicians, but it also provides a good overview of health care mathematics for any health professional. This book teaches the following concepts: basic math review, 24-hour time, exponents, temperature conversion, units of measurement, understanding prescriptions, day's supply, extemporaneous compounding, billing compounds, pharmacy business math, parenteral dosage calculations, insulin, milliMoles, milliEquivalents, millicuries, and international units, powder volume calculations, percentage strength, ratio strength, parts, reducing & enlarging formulas, parts per million, calculations based on body weight, calculations based on body surface area, infusion rates & drip rates, dilutions & alligations, parenteral nutrition, and aliquots. This book also includes an answer key to check your work against. Learn more about this book by exploring this site or by even downloading a copy of this book for free.

About the Author

Sean Parsons, the primary author of both this website and the book that this website is designed to promote, has an impressive record of teaching and working in the industry to help him prepare a quality textbook. He has been teaching various pharmacy courses, including pharmacy math, since 2006 at Bidwell Training Center. Prior to that he was the pharmacy trainer for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where he worked for nine years. Prior to that he worked eight years for the West-Penn Allegheny Health System. Sean is also the president of a non-profit pharmacy in the Pittsburgh area.

While Pharmaceutical Calculations is the first book written by Sean, he has had other writing projects specific to pharmacy. He wrote the Instructor's Manual for Robert Beardsley's Pharmacy Communications, 6th Edition, McGraw-Hill Publishing, 2011. Sean has also written a number of articles at Rx-Wiki including an article on Federal pharmacy law.

To learn more about Sean, you may download his CV resume here.