Download the book's ODT files and PDF file


Download the modifiable ODT files to work on (you will need to unpack a compressed file) or the nonmodifiable PDF file simply to check out how the book looks. You may also download individual chapters in ODT format below. This may be a good option for those with limited bandwidth or those only interested in particular subjects.

Title Page and Table of Contents
Unit 1 - Basic Arithmetic
Chapter 1 - Numeral Systems Used in Pharmacy
Chapter 2 - Fractions
Chapter 3 - Percentages
Chapter 4 - The 24-Hour Time, Exponents, & Scientific Notation
Chapter 5 - Problem Solving Methods
Unit 2 - Basic Pharmacy Math
Chapter 6 - Temperature Scale Conversions
Chapter 7 - Units of Measurement
Chapter 8 - Working with Prescriptions
Chapter 9 - Basic Medication Calculations
Chapter 10 - Basic Infusion Calculations
Unit 3 - Community Pharmacy Math
Chapter 11 - Day's Supply
Chapter 12 - Compounding Math
Chapter 13 - Calculations for Billing Compounds
Chapter 14 - Pharmacy Business Math
Unit 4 - Institutional Pharmacy Math
Chapter 15 - Parenteral Dosage Calculations
Chapter 16 - Insulin
Chapter 17 - Mmol, mEq, mCi, and IU
Chapter 18 - Powder Volume Calculations
Chapter 19 - Percentage Strength
Chapter 20 - Ratio Strength
Chapter 21 - Parts Per Million, and Reducing & Enlarging Formulas
Chapter 22 - Dosage Calculations Based on Body Weight
Chapter 23 - Dosage Calculations Based on Body Surface Area
Chapter 24 - Drip Rates & Infusion Rates
Chapter 25 - Dilutions and Alligations
Chapter 26 - Parenteral Nutrition
Chapter 27 - Aliquot
Answer Key

Additional material will be made available in the near future including presentations templates and sample exams for some chapters. Feel free to contribute to these projects as well including specific chapter presentations, exams, answer keys for the chapters, an index, and any other materials that could function as classroom aids.

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